It’s 8:43 pm, your little one is finally in the bath, you have a moment to put the dinner dishes in the dishwasher, hubby is working late, and your middle-schooler is finally finishing their American Civil War diorama which is due tomorrow. (This year they actually told you about it with more than 3 days notice!)

Life is good.

Then you hear, “MOM! I need more glue sticks!”

Your head falls in anguish as you realize YOU forgot to buy them earlier that day!

You take a quick glance at yourself as you’ve settled into your favorite evening outfit of tattered sweats, an old t-shirt and those horrifically ugly eye glasses you wouldn’t let a soul outside of your home see you in.

After desperate attempts of scraping glue from the inside of the tube and frantically searching your home for any kind of tape…..sticky substance…..and a quick Google search for “how to make glue” fails… you realize that a run to the drugstore is your only option.

Didn’t you just tell your kid something about “Proper planning prevents poor performance”?

Here’s a little tip for avoiding above scenario:

Create a Homework Zone


 Just say “no” to junk drawers.

Drawer inserts not only keep items neat and tidy they make it easy to see what you have with a quick glance. Staplers, scissors, tape, and Sharpies are items used by kids and adults alike so making these items accessible is a necessity!


Contain and Label!

Contain like-items together and don’t forget the labels!


Take a stroll through the school supply aisle.

Make sure to stock up on all things your kiddos could possibly need for the school year:

  • Pens, pencils, markers, crayons, colored pencils, erasers, paint and highlighters
  • Index cards, notebook paper, construction paper, graph paper, composition books and spiral notebooks
  • Glue sticks, bottles of glue, tape, and putty
  • Scissors, hole punch, stapler, staple remover, pencil sharpener, graphing calculator, flash drives, ruler, protractor, and binders


Create a resource drawer.

Perfect for “I don’t have homework nights” or when your kid asks you what the Spanish word for “library” is…..(librario…librioteca….biblio-something…)

Share your favorite ideas for a successful schoolyear. We love your feedback!

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