Hey everyone,

As some of you may know I started my 2019 with a few new ventures. I’m entering my SEVENTH year organizng homes across Las Vegas!! I’m blessed to have the most wonderful regular clients who now keep my calendar quite full and I’ve been unable to personally take on new clients for quite some time now.

That’s OKAY!!

I’m working REALLY-REALLY hard…..(like up at 5:30 am even on weekends) to make sure we can spread around some organization love to ALL who need it.

First, if you haven’t already visit my new pages on Facebook and Instagram called, Organize With POISE.

What’s POISE?

Standard of

It’s my training, mentoring, and networking program I created to ensure that the organizers I’m recommending to you are TOP NOTCH and these ladies ARE!!

This may sound cheesy….but it’s true….I…LOVE…MY…CLIENTS! Over the past seven years I’ve noticed how trusting clients can be. I mean you guys give us access to your home, family, and share private details with us. I have always been super picky when bringing on new organizers and I’ve stepped it up a notch with POISE. I receive requests all the time from people wanting to become part of my team and I only have TWO POISE organizers at the moment….so that tells you how choosy I am.

As a POISE client you benefit by:

  • Getting an organizer who has been trained IN-PERSON…..not just over a computer screen.
  • Having someone in your home who has not only been background checked BUT is someone I would trust in my own home.
  • Being served with consistency in the organization process.
  • Choosing how many organizers you need for projects. One for small up to three for larger.

As a POISE organizer you benefit by:

  • Having a mentor that you can ask questions, overcome challenges, and help you with difficult clients or situations.
  • Being part of a team while still operating your own business on your own terms.
  • Assuring your clients that you have been vetted and trained.
  • Networking with other professional organizers who love the industry as much as you do!

I’ve become as passionate about entrepenuership as I am about organizing so if you’d like to hire an organizer or are thinking about becoming one (even outside of Las Vegas) let me know!

eBook Store

I’m busily creating resources for everyone that are now available in my eBook store. Click here to check them out: One Organized Mama eBooks

These are eBooks that can be downloaded and printed as needed. They’ll help you:

  • Organize meals for your week
  • Declutter and sort
  • Jot down birthdays for the year
  • Make sure your bills have been paid for the month and more!

My limited edition, “Home Hangover Checklist” is only available in the month of January and my newest “The Organized System” will be out soon.

These resources were created from feedback from cients and social media followers. So, keep the suggestions coming. I’m always listening!!

Email List

Have you heard those of us in small business cry, whine, and curse social media ALGORITHMS lately?? Wondered what all the fuss is about? Well loooong story short, social media has become a pay to play world and those of us who’ve worked so hard to build our followings are finding the rules changing constantly. So, we’re tired and ain’t playin’ their games anymore.

So, my email list is my TOP PRIORITY in 2019 and beyond!! This is where I’m going to offer YOU truly exclusive content, deals and discounts that I don’t offer anywhere else, and other cool organizing stuff. So, all you have to do is sign up on this website.

Don’t worry, I also get a bazillion-gazillion emails too so let me assure you now, I WILL NEVER SELL YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES OR SEND YOU CRAPPY SPAM…..EVER.

I promise you my content is always intentional and something I hope you find value in!

All that being said, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for following and supporting One Organized Mama over the years.

-Janel ♥️