Have you seen or heard about those Tiny Houses? I know HGTV has a plethora of shows about them. They range in size but are generally under 500 square feet!

Megan and Jeff from Room To Spare: A Tiny House Journey introduced us to their Tiny House journey as they transition from 1200 square feet down to 184 square feet!

They asked us to speak at their local Tiny House Meet-Up group to discuss the process of downsizing and decluttering.

Our presentation was a bit like, “preaching to the choir” as this is certainly a group who understands downsizing!!

During our presentation, we focused on “Downsizing and De-cluttering” introducing them to a technique we call, “KTSD Zoning” (Keep, Trash, Sell/Shred and Donate).

KTSD Zoning is as simple as choosing one small area that needs decluttering, set-up your KTSD zones and begin choosing items from your area and placing each item into one of the zones. The purpose of this exercise is to immediately determine the importance of each item. We generally know within a matter of seconds whether an item is worthy of keeping, donating or tossing! If there’s uncertainty then the item should be placed into the Keep zone. Once the trash and donate have been bagged, it’s time to focus on those keep items. First, group all like items together. This is often a revealing experience as you discover you have collected six staplers over the years! Often a secondary quick purge is necessary during this step. Once you are certain that every item is truly a keeper it’s time to put it away where it belongs. If it doesn’t have a home….it’s time to create one.

Next, we covered 7 Questions To Ask When Decluttering. As professional organizers, we understand that there are valid reasons why our clients choose to keep the items they do. Our job is to help them determine how to get to that point by asking a series of questions. For instance, keeping clothing that is too large may have to do with fear of gaining weight back which isn’t necessarily reasonable. Keeping items because they cost a lot of money or a knick knack you don’t like only because it was a gift are frequent obstacles our clients face. During your next de-clutter project ask yourself the 7 Questions which will help you ultimately determine, “Is this item worth the space it takes up in my home?”

We also met Mario Poppa John Soto of Tiny House MD at the event. Mario gave us a tour of his Tiny House and the innovative creations in this home-on-the-go. I was fascinated with his clothing closet which rolled forward revealing a shower stall! I was simply amazed at how comfortable his home felt and how he incorporated every possible necessity without forgoing modern convenience!

We’ve stayed in touch with Jeff and Megan as they’ve allowed us to be a part of their downsizing process into their own Tiny House.  Stay tuned as we will be sharing more of their story in a future post!

Since meeting Megan, Jeff and Mario I’ve been reminded of the importance of living purposefully and not allowing the clutter we often collect to interfere with that. I highly encourage you to check out their blogs as they share their fascinating and inspiring journeys!


You can follow Mario on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/limechili777/

You can follow Mario on Instagram as limechili777

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