Turn your stuff into $$$

If you’ve ever kept stuff because you think you might use it one day. Then this blog post is for you.

My dear friend Natalie L. often posts photos of things she is selling on a yard sale group on Facebook. This brilliant gal sells everything from her children’s outgrown clothing to home décor she no longer displays or uses.

I wondered if this was worth the effort so I asked her and was shocked by her response. She said by selling items she no longer uses or needs she was able to save enough money to take her family on a trip to San Diego over the summer!

Natalie is on to something. She has a beautifully decorated, organized, and comfortable home and certainly understands the value of the items  in her home. She understands that holding on to unnecessary stuff stands in the way of creating the life and home she and her husband have worked very hard for.

I often relay Natalie’s story to my client’s who struggle with the question of IF they will ever need or use an item that is taking up space in their home.

Imagine clearing the clutter, taking a little time and effort to sell those items, and having a few extra dollars to pay off debt, save for a home project, or invest in creating new memories!


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