I bristle at the word “luck”. I’m a firm believer that luck is something you create. I believe we are blessed with talents, skills and strengths that are meant to be used for a life’s purpose. Although life, bills and work happen we can often find ourselves stuck in a rut. Can you remember the last time you had a daydream? How do you channel that enthusiasm you had as a child dreaming about your life and turning those dreams into your life?

I’ve utilized the following technique for many years to accomplish goals such as quitting my full time job to start my own business, to visit all 50 states (45 so far!) traveling around the world and buying our home. I jot down ideas in pretty little notebooks or journals and map out my life. So maybe this “Dear Diary” approach is a little too frilly for your taste and sensibilities. Fair enough. Follow this more“grown-up” version of putting your dreams on paper and a plan to follow.

  • Start with dreaming.

What do you dream about? Where do you see yourself in 2, 5 or 10 years? What would you LIKE to be doing with your life? Let your dreams become your vision for your life and write them down. Perhaps those dreams have you sitting on a tropical beach on a faraway island. You’ll often know by the goose-bumps you get when you think of yourself being in that place.

  • Turn your dreams into goals.

Now that you’ve written down those dreams it’s time to turn them into achievable goals. Start small and choose one. It’s good to put a timeline, number or some measurable way to track your goal. It’s also good for the goal to have a deadline. Let’s use this example: Sitting on a beach in a tropical locale with your beach ready body. That goal would require a vacation savings plan, perhaps getting to your ideal beach body weight along with a time frame. So, I would like to be on a beach in the summer of 20__, with my ideal weight to be ____, and I will have saved $_______ for this to happen.

  • Time to turn the goals and dreams into your daily to-do’s.

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? The main character Phil has the same day over and over? That is something I dread. I’m a fairly adventurous person who likes spontaneity so the feeling that I have no traction in my life depresses me. That’s probably why setting and aiming for goals has always come quite naturally to me. I am a big  believer in writing down my daily to-do list. As a wife, mother and small business owner I am pulled in many different directions on a daily basis. So it is more important than ever for me to keep a to-do list to keep my priorities on track. 

So back to your dream of that beach vacation. How do you turn that into your daily to-do list? Here’s how I would do it:

Today’s To-Do’s:

    • Plan menu for week and grocery shop. (Working towards saving for your trip and in control of your meals for that beach body.)
    • Create monthly budget. (Timeline and Savings.)
    • Research beach locales and vacation packages. (Timeline and Savings.)
    • Declutter garage create a pile for upcoming garage sale. (Extra money towards that vacation fund. (Don’t underestimate the power of how decluttering your home brings better focus on your priorities.))
    • Go to the gym. (Hello beach body!)

Every minute you spend during your day is either taking you closer to your goals and dreams or further away.

Every minute is a choice.

Try this technique and let us know where your dreams take you.

Happy Dreaming!