I remember my valiant reasons to ask for both the hand blender and bullet blender for Christmas a few years back. Visions of homemade soups and smoothies all day long!

I told myself I’ll use it everyday and it will be worth the money…..it may even pay for itself after a few uses.

Two months after receiving both for Christmas I finally opened the boxes, placed those neat containers in the dishwasher and even found a cute little basket to hold all the pieces.

That little bullet blender heartily made a smoothie or two…..then that was it. It simply had too many pieces for me to keep track of and was easier to just make a large batch of smoothie and pour into glasses. There was no way I was doing customized smoothie orders for my crew.

I never found a use for the hand blender. I completely forgot what sparked my interest in it in the first place. I liked that it was red and matched my other kitchen appliances…..but ultimately it just simply made sense to use my trusty ol’ regular blender.

So, it’s time to pass along to a worthy donation site to find a more deserving home.


I will say it’s nice to now have almost an entire shelf in my cabinet for the buffet style crock pot that I use nearly every time we entertain.

Now that the presents are unwrapped and the boxes are sitting on countertops waiting to find a home it may be time to purge the unused and make room for the useful.

What did you promise you’d use but never did? We’d love to hear!

Happy Organizing!