Good morning you guys!  Hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday and are staying dry {if you are in this crazy rain we’ve been having}!  On my drive this morning to run one of my kiddos to school, I thought about how waking up so early is for the birds…just ask my said kid.  He HATES me {really, the clock} every. single. morning.  His school starts an hour earlier than most elementary schools and to this, we say NOOOO! But, as it remains, we love the school so getting up early is just what we need to do.  Yay.  {haha}

Once I return from the school drop off/Starbucks fuel excursion, I run to get more kids ready for school and then the day REALLY begins.  Before I allow my time {which we mamas know is SO precious} to spiral away into the abyss, I like to be aware of, and have a plan of what I NEED to accomplish and what I would LIKE to accomplish.  Yes, there is a definite difference between what we need to accomplish and what we would like to accomplish.  You know, like washing undies because the kids have none clean, that would be classified as a NEED to accomplish.  And, perhaps stopping by B&BW for their soap sale would be more of the would LIKE to accomplish.  Either way, there is a way to get more done with your valuable time and to also feel organized in doing so, thus saving you some valuable time.  Still with me…? Good, keep reading!

Here is what you will need for this project:

1. A super cute notebook!  Size and style is completely up to you.

my super cute notebook!

my super cute notebook!

2.  A pen.

Yes, that is all!!

Now here is what you’ll want to do:  each evening, prior to the next morning, make a quick list of NEED to do and LIKE to do.  Go ahead and write it all out.  If for some reason you don’t get to it all, it can be carried to the next day & you will NOT be a failure ;)  Once you have your list made, go to bed {or whatever you do}.  When you are up and at it in the morning, get your notebook out and keep it opened to that page on your counter or desk.  Once kiddos are at school, or you have arrived at work, start working on your NEED to-do’s.  Feel the bliss of crossing off each item!  IT IS BLISS!  By having your goals for the day written out, you are more likely to make them happen as well as be motivated to keep moving on to the following goals!  It REALLY is THAT easy!

cross off= bliss

cross off= bliss

Anything that was not accomplished today, go ahead and move to your next day’s list.  Eventually, you’ll get into a routine and you will start noticing that your routine makes your day smoother and more organized!  Have your mind set to accomplish those goals and be proud of what you get done!  Using time wisely is WISE, because we never can get our time back!

Now, when your BFF asks “what are you up to today?” you can send a little list selfie to her and be like “this is what my day is lookin’ like!”

Have fun finding your notebooks!  Share with us what cute ones you find!

Until next time,