It’s a new year, and you’re motivated to start anew. This is gonna be the year that you don’t have perpetual panic before guests arrive. You will get rid of any clothing item that has “months” in the size of your 4-year old’s wardrobe. No longer will drawers and cabinets hide piles of the unknown and you’ll be able to use your laundry basket for the purpose it was meant for and not for collecting months of mail and paperwork!

Donned in your decluttering best, trash bag in hand you open that garage door and step outside.

You toss a few pieces of paper and a broken hockey stick into the bag….then what? Plastic bins piled high, a random collection of toys and tools thrown into different containers. It’s just too overwhelming!

You grumble to yourself and walk back inside. Or perhaps you decide to tackle the project but leave hours later defeated when you’ve gone through enough bins to only create a large mess on the floor or found a rather large and creepy spider then gave up.

Organizing is not an easy, BUT we’ve made it simple to understand the process with four steps.

After years of organizing for clients, we’ve realized that this process works for ANY place or space.

  1. Purge and Declutter
  2. Create A Zone
  3. Label and Contain
  4. Teach and Maintain

Step 1 is by far the MOST important step in any organizing project! A space simply cannot get organized unless it has had a good cleaning out.

Where do you start? Choose one space in your home that needs a good clean out and begin purging. If that seems to daunting then simply take two garbage bags from room to room. Toss trash into one and items to donate in the other. Do this process as often as possible, and you’ll eventually see the light in that dark, cluttered closet. Make sure to take out that trash and drop off those donations to prevent them from making their way back into the clutter.

Over the next few months, we’re going to teach you step by step techniques on how to tackle organization projects. We’ll go over each step in detail and even offer a FUN and EXCITING new venture we’ll announce soon.

There’s hope for change, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Thank you for reading!