The truth is, I am the only lady in a home of FIVE boys!  Well, four sons and one hot hubby!  With that said, you can probably imagine that although I am a professional organizer, my home isn’t always in tip top organized shape.  You see, as a busy bee mama, life gets crazy.  I am consistently trying to balance out the roles I dearly adore {exhausting, as they may be} of mama to my babes ranging from 17 years to 4 years of age, wife to my sweet hubbers, housekeeper, laundromat, errand runner, banker, financial planner, chef, grocery shopper, couponer, nurse, and all that is between.  In the events of everyday life, things can get un-organized.  They do and they will and that is ok.


So how do we combat letting our hard work turn into the “junk drawer days”? Well, every now and then, it is time to refresh.  For example, I have probably re-organized my kitchen drawers several times since moving into our home.  When my boys do the chore of unloading the dishes, it is highly likely that they will put things anywhere but where they actually belong.  Not for lack of knowledge, but simply because they don’t share the same obsession passion for organizing as I do.  So, in learning to choose my battles, I take a few minutes here and there to refresh a drawer or cabinet and thank God that I have kids that are healthy and can empty the dishes.

Yesterday was a refresh day in my boys’ room.  The two little share on big room and although they do pretty well on keeping it picked up, there comes a time about once a month that it needs a mommy overhaul.  I went in yesterday and refreshed their drawers, their closet, toy basket and bookshelf.  It took only about 15 minutes and although they probably don’t care {or even notice} it feels good to me.  This is part of my joy, having a home that feels good to me.

I have really focused lately on not getting upset at my boys or the hubs for not exactly loving to organize {or keep organized} as I like to.  Simply because life is too short.  And truth be told, I like doing the organizing and the refreshing because it makes me feel like I have done well in my role as Queen Bee ;)

Life needs a refresh.  We need a refresh at times too.  And so do our homes.

Do you refresh your organized spaces?  What spaces do you find need to be touched up most?  We would LOVE to hear from you!

I am off to do some refreshing of cabinets in the laundry room!  Yay!

Until next time,