{I have to forewarn, this post is not about organizing. But it is something that is on my heart and I think needs to be shared}

We have all heard that classic verse “Keepin up with the Jonses”.  It will probably be an iconic phrase that my kids and grand- kids will know as well.

The problem with the Joneses, though, is they are fake.  Not real.  A dream.

Being a stay at home mama, I have come across many different relationships with other ladies in my same shoes- that are constantly striving to be a Jones.  And the thing is, they are a Smith or a Davis or a Johnson {you get the point}.  My life’s not yours and your life is not mine.  I have different kids than you, or a different set of circumstances than you, and likewise.  The thing is, we are to be who we are.  In the trenches of those poopy diapers, excessive crumbs, mounds of laundry or careers that beckon us, we should embrace that.  The here and now.  The life we have, because we truly have one shot at it.  If we are constantly working toward being like a “Jones”, we chance greatly, missing the big picture.

And guess what…It’s totally OK to not have it all together. Remember I rally around the saying, “Progress, Not Perfection”!

I can almost guarantee that when we are at the end of our call, we won’t be wishing we had a bigger wedding ring, a nicer car, or the best house.  We will be wanting to recall the memories made with family and friends.  The little moments in life that captivated our heart.  The good times.  The beautiful times.  Stress of having the best of the best or wishing “If I was just as clean as Mrs. Jones” “If I just had a ring like Mrs. Jones”, “I would be happy if my kids were perfect like the Jonses kids”….you see, the life you have is ALL YOURS.  Take the beauty and make it stunning, take the trials and find joy.  There are no perfect families, I promise.  So, the 1920’s can take their cartoon Jonses and take a hike.


Be you!  Love you!  Love your life!  One small step at a time.

Until next time,